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Questions for the Akashic Records, an Eternal Virtual Library of Past, Present, and Future, August 11, 2015

by Jock Doubleday

The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. The town of Visoko is in the foreground. The Bosna River
(left) and the Fojnica River (right) join and continue downstream at the bottom of the photo.
Photo by André de Smet, 2014.
How many intelligences or races were involved in the building of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex?

How far does the Bosnian Pyramid Complex extend?

How deep does the Bosnian Pyramid Complex extend?

How many kilometers of tunnels exist as part of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex? 

How many structures, including pyramids, hills, tumuli, tunnels, and rivers, are part of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex?

What are the purposes of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex?

Is the Bosnian Pyramid Complex part of a planet-wide energy grid?

Was the Bosnian Pyramid Complex built by races or intelligences currently living inside the earth for the purpose of creating a better environment for inner earth races or intelligences?

Is there a physical record, or series of physical records, of the building of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex?

Is there a physical record, or series of physical records, of the history of planet Earth?

Is Earth's history, and are all histories, both contained in and accessible from crystals or crystalline stones? 

If so, how can these crystal-contained histories be accessed?

Did Homo sapiens sapiens evolve from similar hominids on planet Earth?

Was a creature very much like Homo sapiens sapiens genetically manipulated by another intelligent race to become Homo sapiens sapiens?

Did Homo sapiens sapiens evolve from similar hominids on a lower-gravity planet such as Mars?

Was Homo sapiens sapiens originally giant sized: 8 meters or more?

Did another intelligent race genetically "downsize" a giant-sized Homo sapiens sapiens specifically to be more manageable?

Was Homo sapiens sapiens created by another intelligent race specifically to mine gold?

Is Sol in a co-orbit with Sirius?

Does our solar system's distance from Sirius create a cycle of ages on earth, whereby the farther from Sirius earth is, the "darker" (more warlike, less enlightened, less noble, less loving) we are, and the closer to Sirius earth is, the "lighter" (more peaceful, more enlightened, more noble, more loving) we are?

Is the powerful radiant light of Sirius health-giving?

Has the universe always been here, ever-changing but eternal?

Are there different dimensions of being?

Can races or intelligences from other dimensions watch us from their dimensions without being seen by us?

Can races or intelligences from other dimensions manipulate us physically or psychologically without our knowledge, whether from their dimensions or after having entered our own?

Does it take an extraordinary amount of energy to travel from one dimension to another? 

Is there a dimension, or are there dimensions, in which time does not exist? 

Is time the central problem that races or intelligences throughout the universe have sought to escape?

Have races or intelligences created a dimension or dimensions in which time does not exist?

Is earth's time-bound dimension a rarity in the universe?

Is earth and/or our solar system a "reality show" for extra-dimensional beings?

Are most intelligent beings in the universe immortal?

Have most intelligent beings in the universe made themselves immortal by genetic manipulation?

Is Homo sapiens sapiens immortal, and is the death of the body therefore a mere stage of being?

Did another race or intelligence genetically manipulate Homo sapiens sapiens to become immortal?

Or, did another race or intelligence genetically manipulate Homo sapiens sapiens -- originally an immortal race -- to die (like the "Replicants" in Blade Runner)?

Will Homo sapiens sapiens survive genetically intact into the next millennium, or will intra-species manipulation alter us?

Will Homo sapiens sapiens survive into the next millennium, or will our species be exterminated by another race or intelligence, or by human or quasi-human servants of another race or intelligence?

Is Homo sapiens sapiens worth saving, or is our species a genetic experiment of little worth performed by another race or intelligence?

Are stones alive?

Is all matter alive and what we call life simply a more vibrant part of the spectrum?

Is the earth alive?

Are all planets, suns, asteroids, comets, planet fragments alive?

Is space alive?

Do voids exist anywhere in the universe, or do new suns, new planets, and new life "shoulder into" the universe, "pushing the universe farther apart" as they enter?

Does the universe have a boundary, and if so, what is on the other side of the boundary, if anything?

How large is the universe?

Is the earth hollow?

Do other races or intelligences live inside a hollow earth, either in this dimension or in another dimension?

Was earth created artificially?

If the earth was created artificially, who created it and for what purpose?

Are smooth river stones created by "tumbling downstream," as geologists tell us, or were smooth stones created by another race or intelligence along with the rest of the stones and material on and in planet Earth?

Is "the search for a home that is never found" -- a common theme in human literature -- a metaphor for Homo sapiens sapiens' distant memory of coming into existence through genetic manipulation?

Has all life on earth been artificially genetically manipulated by other races or intelligences?

Have most other races or intelligences in the universe been genetically created or manipulated?

Have certain races in the universe been responsible for genetic manipulation that has resulted in the creation of new species throughout the universe?

Is modern science's "junk DNA" in Homo sapiens sapiens actually junk ("extra" and unnecessary), or is it where the gold is, metaphorically speaking?

What is contained in, or pointed to, by so-called "junk DNA" in Homo sapiens sapiens?

Are genes what we think they are -- physical libraries of trait potentials?

Is there a noble cause, or are there noble causes, that may be pursued in the universe, or is a free-for-all morality prevalent in the universe among existing species?

Do violent races, or intelligences, dominate the universe, or are most races or intelligences peaceful?

Is violence a trait of all races and intelligences, even if such a trait is suppressed by particular races or intelligences?

Is violence a genetic trait that can be permanently excised from a species' gene pool?

If so, have any races or intelligences done so?

Are the Akashic Records always correct, or can they be, and have they been, manipulated?

Is language-based understanding the best, or "highest," understanding that exists, or is it a lower form of understanding?

What is the highest form of understanding?

How many kinds of understanding are there?

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