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New LIDAR Scan of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex Proves Dr. Sam Osmanagich Right -- and Proves Dr. Robert Schoch, Zahi Hawass, Archaeology Magazine, and Wikipedia Wrong

In March 2015, a LIDAR satellite scan was made of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in the Visoko, Bosnia area. LIDAR ("light-radar") scans provide a detailed topographical picture of the area scanned. 

The first LIDAR scan image of the Visoko area, finally available as of July 6, 2016, shows clear evidence of gargantuan ancient artificial structures throughout the Visoko, Bosnia area.

March 2015 LIDAR scan of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex(image first made available in July 2016)

The visibly predominant features of these ancient structures are smooth pyramidal, and other, faces oriented to the cosmic north (or "true north" or "geodetic north").

March 2015 LIDAR scan of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex, with text labels
(image first made available in July 2016)
An Astonishing Orientation

Astonishingly, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has the best-documented orientation to the cosmic north of any pyramid on the planet thus far analyzed.  

The phrase "best documented" means that the northern orientation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the best orientation to the cosmic north (or "true north" or "geodetic north") of any ancient pyramid or structure whose orientation has been studied and documented. (There may be ancient pyramids or other structures on the earth whose orientations are superior to that of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, but these structures' orientations have not yet been documented.

The deviation from cosmic north (or "true north" or "geodetic north") of the gigantic clay, claystone, sandstone, and concrete pyramid in Visoko, Bosnia known as the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, according to the Bosnian Institute for Geodesy, is: 

0 degrees
0 minutes
12 seconds

In comparison, the deviation from cosmic north (or "true north" or "geodetic north") of the Great Pyramid is:

2 degrees
28 minutes
0 seconds

Thus, the orientation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun to cosmic north is 12.33 times more precise than the orientation of the Great Pyramid.

The north face of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the tallest documented
pyramid in the world, in Visoko, Bosnia. On the left side of the pyramid
(and joining it structurally) is the Bosnian Pyramid of Love.

Bosnian Pyramids Detractors

Bosnian Pyramids detractors are now in a very difficult position. For 10 years, various persons and organizations relying on belief instead of science have 

1) disparaged (and, even more shockingly)
2) ignored 

copious scientific evidence of an ancient pyramid complex centered in Visoko, Bosnia.

Because a 2015 LIDAR scan data has provided solid -- indeed irrefutable -- evidence of gargantuan and truly ancient structures in Visoko, Bosnia, the final nail has been hammered into the coffin of Bosnian Pyramids detractors.

Who were the main players in this strange 10-year drama of Belief vs. Science?

Dr. Robert Milton Schoch

Dr. Robert Milton Schoch
In his November 10, 2006 letter to Science magazine, Dr. Robert Schoch maligned the Archaeological Park Bosnian NGO Foundation, stating that "fossils are being ignored and destroyed during the 'excavations,' as crews work to shape the natural hills into crude semblances of the Mayan-style step pyramids with which Osmanagic is so enamored."

A claim of fraud is very big news in the archaeological world. Obviously, if such a claim is found to be false – that is, if the claim is found to be libel (a false accusation made in print) or slander (a false accusation made in speech or some other transitory form) – it is legally actionable.

Since pyramids have indeed existed in Bosnia since ancient times, and since volunteers and employees of Archaeological Park Foundation have been faithfully excavating these structures, and NOT creating modern-day step-pyramids, Dr. Schoch is in fact on record for ten years of libel

Not only has Dr. Schoch been wrong for ten years about the existence of pyramids in Bosnia, he has left a libelous and slanderous legacy the likes of which has rarely been seen in archaeological circles.

Zahi Hawass

Dr. Zahi Hawass, previously
Egypt's Minister of State for
Antiquity Affairs, now on the
run for alleged theft.
Zahi Hawass, Former Minister of Egyptian Antiquities, was one of the first professionals to proclaim (without compelling evidence and without visiting the site) that no pyramids exist in Bosnia. 

Hawass has since been discredited -- and is actually on the run -- for allegedly stealing billions of dollars worth of Egyptian antiquities and possibly other crimes.

What was Hawass's reaction when he heard of Dr. Omanagich's claim that pyramids existed in Bosnia? He called a meeting of Egyptian officials to discuss possible negative ramifications to the Egyptian tourist industry

From the point of view of scientists and others endeavoring to discover the truth about humanity's past, the absurdity of such a reaction -- "How will our tourist dollars be affected if pyramids are found in Bosnia?" -- is almost impossible to put into words.

Archaeology Magazine

Archaeology magazine, the
most prominent archaeology
magazine in the world
If you visit Archaeology magazine's official site, and type "bosnia" into the Search box, you will get articles from 2005 and 2006 -- all of which stridently and vociferously deny the possibility of the existence of pyramids in Bosnia. (One can also perform a Google search for "archaeology magazine" bosnia.)

In Archaeology's July/August 2006 issue, for instance, non-expert Beth Kampschror writes in her article, "Pyramid Scheme," that "the only people in the Balkans at that time [in which Dr. Osmanagich claimed the pyramids were built] were stone-tool-wielding Paleolithic people who never built a house, much less a pyramid." 

In his June 27, 2006 article, "More on Bosnian 'Pyramids,'" Archaeology magazine online editor Mark Rose writes that Zahi Hawass "concludes that, 'Mr. Osmanic's theories are purely hallucinations on his part, with no scientific backing.'"

The only mention of Bosnian Archaeology after 2006 in Archaeology magazine is a two-line mention (and slander of Dr. Osmanagich) in October 2008: "Businessman Semir Osmanagic continues to dig up Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in search of pyramids, 'despite ridicule.' University of Sarajevo archaeologist Enver Imamovic likens Osmanagic's project to 'letting me . . . perform surgery.'" 

In fact, a study of ten years of Archaeology magazine articles allows us to conclude that Archaeology magazine editors, specifically Editor-in-Chief Claudia Valentino and Executive Editor Jarrett A. Lobell, perhaps at the behest of unknown persons, have attempted (and failed) to keep the lid on the biggest archaeological discovery of the 21st century: the discovery of gargantuan ancient pyramids and other structures in Bosnia. 

It cannot be asserted that Archaeology magazine editors were not aware of the continuous stream of scientific information emerging from the excavation and study of Bosnian Pyramid Complex since mid-2005. On October 16, 2011, I emailed a detailed a letter to the Editor of Archaeology, the full text of which is here (in a blog titled, "Letter to the Editor of Archaeology Magazine"). 

For ten years, Archaeology magazine has ignored not only Bosnian pyramid science but all archaeological discoveries from the country of Bosnia. (?!!)

Did you know that a giant stone sphere (the largest ever found) was discovered in 2015 near Zavidovici, Bosnia in Dr. Osmanagich's Stone Spheres Park (or Stone Balls Park)?  

You wouldn't know this fact if Archaeology magazine were your only source for information about archaeological finds on planet Earth.

Fortunately, Russia Today made quite a big deal of the discovery. They sent their own people out to Zavidovici and made a video.  

Why is it, do you think, that Archaeology magazine, the most prominent archaeology magazine in the world, has completely ignored the discovery of the largest stone sphere in the world? 

Could there be some ideological (or other) agenda at Archaeology magazine that we're not aware of? If so, what is this anti-scientific agenda, and who is responsible for it?
Wikipedia Editors 

For three months in the winter of 2015, at the behest of Dr. Osmanagich, I gathered information for a Wikipedia article titled, "International Scientific Conferences on the Bosnian Pyramids." 

I submitted the article to Wikipedia editors on January 29, 2015, but it was immediately rejected

Oddly, Wikipedia editors did not read the article or check the hyperlinks in the article. A full reading of the article and a full researching of the articles and videos pointed to by the hyperlinks would have taken a week, at minimum.

I edited the article and re-submitted it twice, but it was immediately rejected both times without any of the issues I brought up being addressed by any of the Wikipedia editors who "weighed in" (sent form letters to me) on the article.

The article survives only in draft form. "International Scientific Conferences on the Bosnian Pyramids" is not an official page on

In addition, many people have endeavored to edit two largely erroneous Wikipedia pages:

Semir Osmanagić: Excerpt: "Professional geologists, archaeologists and other scientists have concluded - after analysis of the site, its known history, and excavations - that the hills are natural formations known as flatirons and that there are no signs of human construction involved") 

Bosnian Pyramid Claims: Excerpt: "[Claims of pyramids in Bosnia are a] cruel hoax." 

All attempts at rectifying the egregious misstatements on these two Wikipedia pages have failed.

The Archaeological Orthodoxy's Move

Now that the world has been offered conclusive -- indeed, irrefutable -- evidence of gigantic ancient pyramidal and other structures in the Visoko, Bosnia area (in addition to copious additional scientific evidence gathered over the period of 10+ years by Dr. Sam Osmanagich and scores of scientists and thousands of eager international volunteers working on the most active archaeological project in the world) . . .

1. Will Dr. Robert Milton Schoch return to the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids to witness what 10 years of excavation has accomplished since his initial and only visit in 2006? Will Dr. Schoch retract his unwarranted and outrageous libel (and slander) of Dr. Osmanagich and Archaeological Park Foundation employees and volunteers?

2. Will Zahi Hawass publicly acknowledge the artificial structural stone terraces on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon and the four layers of super-dense concrete on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (the hardest concrete ever analyzed, ancient or modern), and the ceramic megaliths, impossible to move by any known machinery, that lie next to newly excavated corridors in Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth, which winds for tens of kilometers beneath the Bosnian Pyramid Complex?

3. Will Archaeology magazine editors apologize to the scientific and world community for their 10-year moratorium on Bosnian archaeology? Will Archaeology once again begin to publish Bosnian archaeology articles? Will the entire staff of Archaeology apologize for committing perhaps the greatest hoax in archaeological history: the denial and ridicule of the discovery of the biggest ancient pyramids in the world?

4. Will Wikipedia editors apologize for ignoring plain science for ten years and for
libeling and demonizing Dr. Osmanagich? Will Wikipedia editors publish articles on Bosnian Pyramid science and the copious scientific conferences that have been held in Visoko and Sarajevo, Bosnia? Will the Bosnian Pyramids mega-discovery be recognized and honored by Wikipedia as perhaps the greatest archaeological discovery of this century? Will Wikipedia editors allow real science to enter the hallowed halls of its heavily controlled pages on ancient history, or will the truth about humanity's past continue to be suppressed?

In short, will the future be 1) a scientific future that recognizes scientific evidence or 2) an anti-scientific future that scorns it? 

It is the archaeological (and anthropological) orthodoxy's move.

A Conspiracy of Silence

A conspiracy of ridicule against the Bosnian Pyramids Project -- a conspiracy that spanned 2005 and 2006 -- turned into a conspiracy of silence after it became clear that Dr. Osmanagich had indeed unveiled a great mystery in Europe. 

The conspiracy of silence continues to this day. Will the conspiracy end? Will it end with a cowardly whimper or with a courageous bang?

Only time will tell.

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"Like all sciences, archaeology is split into two main groups: 1) the orthodoxy, who focus on what they stand to gain from the scientific status quo (these are primarily academics) and 2) the scientists, who focus on discovery according to the dictates of the scientific method. . . ."

Jock Doubleday
Author, "The Mysterious Anti-Scientific Agenda of Robert Schoch"