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Testimonials from Visitors to the Bosnian Pyramid Complex

Admissions house at the entrance to Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth in Visoko, Bosnia.

Entrance to prehistoric Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth in Visoko, Bosnia.


"From: Linda Adams [] 

Sent: 01 July 2015

Subject: Bosnian Summer Solstice

We enjoyed everything so much, although the 16 hour day trip was pretty exhausting, but we survived and enjoyed it enormously. After the first visit into the tunnels, my neck, which has been somewhat arthritic for a number of years, seemed to be less painful. I don't ever take pain killers. However, since then it has improved tremendously and I can now turn my head fairly well and not have to move my whole body to look at somebody. Although not perfect I no longer have constant pain!!! Such a bonus on top of everything else. We also found the evening conferences mind boggling, and lovely to actually speak to other people who are on the same wave length.
Kind regards,

Linda and Chris Adams"

One of many side-tunnels in Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth.
Please note the dry-stack stone supporting walls on either side. These walls
were placed there by the unknown advanced culture that filled in the tunnels

an estimated 4,600 years ago.

*  *  *

"I spent 40 minutes in Ravne Tunnel, this Tuesday, July 7, 2015, with a friend from Slovenia. We spent some quiet meditative time in the Meditation Chamber and then visited all of the megaliths and marveled at the new discoveries since our last visit (like the exhibition of different stone material found so far, among others). After these 40 minutes, we both felt like we had just slept for 10 hours! The pressure in my eyes, which had made the road to Visoko somewhat blurry to me, was gone as well, and I was delighted to see super well as we drove back to Sarajevo."

Asja Dupanović Gavrilescu

Asja Dupanović Gavrilescu on Facebook

Asja (right) and her mother at Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth (on another occasion)

*  *  *

"When I came out of the tunnels . . . I felt the energy, and I started running up the street, up and down, you know? Which was the first time I was running in seven years' time after my accident! And I have the energy since. I couldn't do this, at all [squat]. I had to have support. And I went to the hotel, and I said, "Klaus, look, I felt this thing happening in the tunnels." And when I came out, I was running up and down the stairs. And everyone was like, What? What?' . . . I felt the energy boiling up, you know, and I felt like, hey, you know, I can do something! And I was running up the stairs. . . . It's not perfect, but I couldn't do any of this before. It's great. That's why I'm so happy to be back, here. Re-energized my batteries. We just had, what, two or three hours, two and-a-half hours, in the tunnels? That's the longest ever. So I'm sure I'll be fine for another year, now."
André De Smet
Transcribed from the video, "Andre de Smet and Michael Tellinger outside Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth, September 2, 2014"

André De Smet
on Facebook

 André De Smet and Michael Tellinger

*  *  *

"I am a bit claustrophobic and didn't feel all too well the morning before visiting Ravne tunnels, but as we were entering, all the problems and anxiety were disappearing. What shocked me most was that the air inside them was of a quality of the one on top of the mountain!!! I definitely came out with a much better mood and feeling great. Afterwards, me and my two 6 year old daughters went for lunch and ate like never before in our lives, including Alma who is sort of problematic when it comes to eating!!! People claim that what I felt was a placebo, auto-suggestion, but, you know what, even if it was, I don't care I felt sooooo goooood! I felt great after visiting there and definitely want to come back again. I was worried about the girls but obviously kids like it as well :) It was amazing that we spent an hour underground and came out like we were high up in the mountains skiing or something."
Arijana Mangafic-Acimovic
after visiting Ravne runnels for the first time August 1, 2015

Arijana on Facebook

Arijana's children

*  *  *

"A group of friends and I traveled to Bosnia to see and FEEL for ourselves, the power latent there. I was entranced by the talks of Dr. Osmanagich and the potential of the discovery. It's completely obvious that the structure is a pyramid and yet understandable how it wasn't noticed before: hidden in plain sight, as they say. So the mystical journey began. A little of ourselves; we are all meditators, energy practitioners, psychic to some degree or another, so we were looking to feel another perspective and perhaps add something to the puzzle. The first experience is how easy it is to breathe in the tunnels; and not just breathe, really fill the lungs with air in a way never really experienced before. I just took advantage and breathed and enjoyed breathing!! Might sound like nothing, but after London, and even Oxford, breathing is an unaccustomed luxury these days, certainly in this way. We were all keen to sit silently and meditate in our own way, and we chose a spot, at a junction with a higher "roof," a part which is called "the healing room." Having read about the negative ion concentrations and health-giving properties of the air and energy, we all settled to sit in silence, to meditate. Then when someone said "ok" we were all surprised because we all thought we had sat for five minutes -- and yet it was an hour! The meditation was very deep and revivifying, powerful, connecting with an old energy that was lying deep within. One member of our party said, "it felt like we connected with 'original Source energy.'" When we meditated by the huge K-2 monolith, another of us saw energy rising into the monolith, hitting the crystals inside (which was seen) and shooting into the body. It was a very strong experience. Again the meditation was deep for all of us. So it seemed to us all, that the energy contained within the tunnels was somehow beneficially conducive to allowing the body to relax such that deeper access to OUR OWN SELVES was eminently possible. Perhaps this is part of the answer -- one of the reasons for construction by an intelligence that knew that to function correctly, the body and mind have to be completely stilled to access the greater and deeper part of Ourselves."
Mark Laurence Rodel-Duffy 
after visiting Ravne Tunnel on June 17, 2015

Mark Laurence Rodel-Duffy (right) and friends.
*  *  *

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