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The Cahokia Pyramids of Illinois and the Seven Deadly Sins of the Archaeological Orthodoxy

by Jock Doubleday
February 25, 2013

Cahokia step-pyramid ("Monks Mound") in southwestern Illinois, U.S.

The archaeological orthodoxy, housed largely in academia, is addicted to secrecy, exclusivity, and the censorship of scientific data, otherwise known as fraud. 

Here are The Seven Deadly Sins of the Archaeological Orthodoxy:

The Sin of Omission - Consciously omitting key information that might undermine one's position.

The Sin of Self-Projection - Unconsciously projecting one's flaws (egotism, small-mindedness, laziness) onto the peoples of the past.

The Sin of Self-Importance (or the Sin of Hubris) - Believing that a scientific position is true because one holds it. 

The Sin of Superficiality - Reaching scientific conclusions without properly 
engaging available scientific data.

The Sin of Distraction (or the Sin of the Red Herring) - Introducing an  argument that is irrelevant to the argument at hand.

The Sin of Intimidation - Threatening those with whom one disagrees.

The Sin of Silence - Avoidance of reasonable discussion.

The Cahokia Step-Pyramids

Have you ever heard of step-pyramids in the United States?

Of course you haven't. That's because the archaeological orthodoxy has suppressed that information for over two hundred years.

Orthodox archaeologists have relied primarily on the Sin of Omission and the Sin of Superficiality to keep the truth about the Cahokia complex buried.
In January 2012, the Daily Mail reports:

"Archaeologists digging in preparation for the Mississippi River spanning bridge - which will connect Missouri and Illinois - discovered the lost city of Cahokia beneath modern St Louis. Their findings pointed to a 'sophisticated, sprawling metropolis stretching across both sides of the Mississippi', Andrew Lawler told the journal Science. At its peak between 1100 and 1200, the city covered nearly six square miles and boasted a population of 100,000 people."

I had been excited to read the
Daily Mail article, because I thought the truth about the pyramid complex might have finally come to light. Instead, we have the usual orthodoxical nonsense. In the article, the people who built the complex are called "Native Americans," and the time-frame for the building of the the Lost City of Cahokia is very recent. The author writes:

"The city, the most sophisticated Native civilisation north of Mexico, was inhabited from 700AD to 1400 and known for its large, man-made earthen structures. Its original population was thought to have been in the hundreds, but in the 11th century swelled to tens of thousands."

The article's author calls the step-pyramids "man-made earthen structures," or "mounds," to disguise the true nature of the structures. In fact, the structures are made of earth, sand, pebbles, and sandstone blocks. The amount of material in the main pyramid at Cahokia (named "Monks Mound," pictured above) is 226,000 20-ton trucks' worth, which means 4,520,000 tons of material. That's for one pyramid alone in the 200-pyramid complex.

Orthodox archaeology wants us to believe that a minor Native American tribe from the 7th century created gargantuan earthen "mounds" that just happen to look like step pyramids and just happen be oriented to the cardinal points. All of the pyramids at Cahokia are oriented to Cosmic North (that is, to the Northern Star), except one: the main pyramid, Monks Mound, which is oriented to Magnetic North.

In fact, Native Americans had no cultural need to create hundreds of step-pyramids, and they did not have the manpower. The 200 megalithic stone and earth structures were built, without question, by a much more ancient people with a truly sophisticated knowledge of the stars and of terrestrial engineering. Who where they?

Modern archaeologists working in the complex are not allowed to excavate the mounds themselves, because they would find pyramids and not mounds. Instead, they excavate nearby, and they find the remains of "thatched houses" that Native Americans built and used from 770 A.D. to 1,400 A.D. The Sin of Distraction works strongly, here. "Look at these thatched houses on the plain!" cries the orthodoxy. "Don't look at those pyramids!" 

Yes, Native Americans lived at the pyramid complex and must have stood in wonder at those amazing structures, built long before a single Native foot stepped onto the North American continent.

Semir Osmanagich, discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids (2005), talks about the astonishing feats of engineering that went into the building of the ancient Cahokia pyramid complex:

Semir Osmanagich discusses the 200 ancient
step-pyramids in southwestern Illinois called by
orthodox archaeology the "Cahokia Mounds."

Anti-Science Archaeology

The archaeological orthodoxy is anti-science, but it is also anti-intuition.

Science works best when intuition (feeling) works as an engine for scientific investigation. Today's archaeological orthodoxy is pro-belief, a stance that preempts and destroys both intuition and investigation.

The archaeological orthodoxy, being both anti-intuition and anti-science, is anti-human to its core. It wears the cloak of science to promote its dark agenda: the suppression of the truth about human history. Why does it want to suppress this truth? No one outside of the group knows.

Science is a harsh mistress. She demands time, patience, and a willingness not to know until knowing arrives. And knowing arrives best after rigorous, rational, time-consuming investigation driven by intuition.

When will the Cahokia "mounds" be recognized as an ancient
pyramid complex? Time will tell. And the archaeological orthodoxy will fight that recognition every step of the way.

The Sin of Intimidation (threatening those with whom one disagrees) will be used by the orthodoxy in proportion to interest generated by honest scientists in the pursuit of this astonishing archaeological treasure.


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